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Tervola, Lapland

90, Keskustie, 95300, Tervola, lapland,Finland

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Main Dish

Grilled Pork

€ 16.00

Grilled Pork in home made sauce , Potatoes, Veggies (250g)

Grilled pork ribs

€ 22.00

Pork marinated for four hours in non-alcoholic Pilsner beer(400g),

Grilled Pork meat

€ 16.00

Grilled Pork with seasonal sauce with Veggies

Rosted Chicken With Curry

€ 13.50

Rosted Chicken with cream and curry sauce


Spicy Garlic Shrimps

€ 4.90

Shrimps cooked with lime and garlic( 4 pcs)

Roasted Fish File

€ 16.00

Rosted fish fille with tamarin and lime

Butter Fried Chicken

€ 8.00

Butter Fried Chicken in basil leaves

Chiken Filet

€ 8.00

Pice of Chicken filet in cream and cheese


White chocolate cheese cake

€ 3.50

White Chocolate cheese cake

Pan cakes with lots of honey and berries

€ 5.00

Homemade pan cakes with honey, jam and berries

Fruite Cake

€ 4.50

Fresh Fruites on a vanilla cake

Carrot Cake with Berries

€ 3.50

Homemade Carrot cake and fresh berries


Sea Trout

€ 4.00

Non Alcoholic and Home Made

Fruite Juice

€ 4.00

Fresh Fruite Juice

Non Alcoholic Mojito

€ 5.00

Non Alcoholic and home made

Carrot Juice

€ 2.00

Non Alcoholic and Home Made


Our Products

Discover our products and Non Alcoholic and home made drinks for kids and family lunch or dinner.